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Please make sure to use the right template for the phase you apply for. Make sure to check the spreadsheet to see if the girl you want to draw is already taken or not.

****Requirements --

1 transparent PNG image approximately  550px x 1100px​

-The same image in the template provided with name of character chosen on banner

**Example given on submit page


-Must be full-body (no busts or head shots)

-One character only, no couples (magical companion is allowed) (**Exception - twin characters may be drawn together for example Peaky Angels from Magical Girl Raising Project)

-Must depict character in magical form (or magical outfit if no change in physical appearance), if character has multiple outfits (e.g Cardcaptor Sakura, Cutie Honey, etc, artist may choose any outfit as long as it is reflective of that character, NO original outfit designs)

-Aim to be as accurate to original design as possible NO headcanons, purposefully out of character, alternate colours etc.

-Preferred if character is drawn with magical artifact or companion (Eg Sailor moon with Luna, Doremi with baton etc)

-Must be digital art (no traditional art is allowed due to transparency requirement, however if artist is able to completely remove background to make a transparent image exceptions may be allowed)

-No NSFW, keep it clean even for the ecchi magical girls

-An artist may produce pieces for multiple girls but may only reserve one character at a time. An artwork must be completed before reserving another spot. *There is no limit to the number of submissions that may be contributed

-It is the artist's responsibility to find additional references for character chosen. The references in the spreadsheet are only meant to provide an overview of the character's basic design and additional references should be found to provide most accurate image of character.

-Only one drawing per character at the moment even for characters with multiple forms (Eg. Sailor moon, Pretty Cure etc), but this may change later

Quality guidelines -
-Must be fully coloured
-Must be transparent PNG, please no stroke border around the finished artwork
-No sketches / doodles, must be a finished piece
-Demonstrate effort and some level of skill (eg not obviously drawn with a mouse/trackpad)

**Artist will have 2 weeks to complete their art from the start of their reservation. You can ask for an extension but if no contact is made the reservation will be cancelled and you will have to reapply or it will go to the next person who reserves that character.

Confirmations will be sent via email applied with!

**Artists retain all rights to their artwork and are free to post full versions of their drawings whenever they please.

Example submission

When submitting your entry please include the following information:







*Remember to include both the transparent PNG and image in template when submitting*

Email submissions with the above information to:

The transparent png will be used to make a compilation image of all the girls together.

Magical girl name: Name (alias)


Artist name:

Link: (to artist's preferred social media, multiple links are ok)

Artist statement: (optional)

Transparent png

In template



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