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Mahou Shoujo Database - List of animes and mangas with Mahou Shoujo thematic (in progress)

Aradia Collective - Collective of magical girl webcomics

Sea of Serenity - Sea of is a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to providing as highly accurate information and translations of the popular Sailor Moon meta-series as possible.

Magical girl of the day - A side project run by the host of the Magical Girl Index bringing you a fresh magical girl 365 days a year!


Q- Do I have to have seen the anime the character I've chosen is from?
A - No you don't have to. It is recommended to at least look up a little about them to try to get a feel for the character's personality so as to be able to accurately portray them.

Q- You're missing this character!
A - This project is divided into multiple phases, your character might be in a different phase than the one you are looking in. Command F to search for the specific name of the character you are seeking. The phases are divided into roughly alphabetical/chronological order.
Alternatively the character may be excluded due to one of the following reasons - it's from a hentai, is not a magical girl series.
If you believe that a genuine magical girl anime has been excluded from the list you can message me about it.

Q- This character isn't a magical girl!
A - I am not familiar with every series listed therefore there may be some mistakes. If so message me if you believe the character is not in fact a magical girl.

Q- Can I change the background?
A - Please do not change the background.


Officially opened and started accepting applications for Phase one



Phase 1 reached 10% completion



Phase 1 reached 20% completion



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